Reasons for buying on 8/07/2015. Buy price: 11.90

  1. It was on an uptrend. SMA 20> SMA 50> SMA 100.
  2. It  challenged SMA 20 and bounced back on top of it.

Reasons for selling on 8/14/2015. Sell price at EOD: 11.20

  1. It broke below SMA 20 on 8/13/2015. The break was confirmed the next day on 8/14/2015.
  2. By the time of close, it also broke below SMA 50, suggesting strong bearishness.

Note: X had shown a bearish divergence on its RSI since June 2015. However, price continued to increase and created an uptrend. In trend following, the main indicators  to look at are the SMAs. Thus only  a break of SMA 20 would signal  a sell. Although I prefer to cut at 4% loss, I had to wait until the end of the day for confirmation.