Queen MIC- weekly parabolic status regained

(Minerales Industrias Corporation)

After being exiled from parabolic kingdom for a few weeks, Queen MIC is back. “Off with their heads!,” cried the Queen, to whipsawed folks with questionable loyalties.


IMI – One more chance

(Integrated Micro-electronics)

IMI broke through its  inverse head and shoulder at 6.21 but dropped below that on November 5, 2015, to the dismay of breakout players. Today , Nov 6, it climbed back above that level, and closed above it, stirring interest as it closed up by 1.3%.


LIB – Give me Liberty and Give me Death

(Liberty Telecoms Holdings, Inc.)

LIB was the star of the trading floor on Thursday, Nov. 5,  as it  attempted to surpass its previous high of P5 . However the attempt was futile despite huge volume of 26M  (vs 27M , 26-day high) , as RSI failed to breakout , sending prices crashing down today to as low as 4.20, a  5.62% drop from yesterday’s close .

lib 3

WEB- Can Spideys bounce?

(Philweb Corporation)

My all time favorite, Philweb, disappointed me at the start of this week as it was sold down to as low as 19.00 on Nov 2, 2015  from the high of 21.40 last Oct 21, 2015 .  PCCI securities was  the Baygon to this volatile bug , with non stop selling from Oct 29 to Nov 3.
But they were nowhere to be found for the past 2 days, thus  giving control back to big buyers, Tower securities and UBS Securities, who nursed this Spidey back to life, and with a vengeance I hope.


STI – Failed to make the grade

(STI Education Systems Holdings)
STI ascending triangle pattern – patience required, as this is still locked within a triangle.  It attempted to break  .52, on Tuesday, Nov. 3,  but failed.

Bullish factors: ascending triangle pattern, increased volume on up days, decreased volume on corrections; rising RSI and rising OBV

Bearish factors: price closed below 50 SMA and ema 4


ISM – Mind the Gap

(ISM Communications Corporation)

ISM created an intraday gap at 1.45-1.48 yesterday, Nov. 5, 2015 as eager buyers , including myself caused the price to gap up , thus also breaking the resistance at 1.45. The price surged to as high as 1.73 today, Nov. 6 but ended the day back to where it left off yesterday- that gap at 1.45. Prices are currently supported by 61.8% Fibonacci retracement level.

ismbouncrLastly, that possible play for next week. That end of day doji , bounce off 61.8% Fibonacci retracement level and the gap fill.

Hey there’s no guarantee about this. I just read the charts. I don’t draw them….


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