The Parabolic curve derives its name from the parabola, because the line that is used to trace out this pattern from the candlestick price action resembles a parabola.
This is probably one of the most highly prized and sought after patterns.
This pattern yields the biggest and quickest return in the shortest amount of time.
This pattern is a result of multiple base formation breaks . The best time to enter this pattern is at the bases.



We have seen this pattern on ANI, ION, DAVIN, NOW, and VITA, among others. Here are some charts.








Now does BHI seem like it is doing the same thing to you?
Possibly currently on Base 2.

The assumption of a parabolic chart pattern on BHI is valid unless price moves past the parabolic arc and goes sideways for a long long time.

bhiThis is not a recommendation to buy or sell.
This is not a certainty. Just an educated guess.

Learn more about the parabolic chart pattern.


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