I was unable to document all of my trades for the year 2016.  Nonetheless, the ones below are representative of how my trades went for the past 12 months. Most profits came from third liners , and these are fast and furious trades.

I hardly do screen shots of losses. Perhaps I should start next year.


  1. I trade too much. I should focus less on the quantity of trades and more on the quality.
  2. I must pause in between major  trades in order to : a) withdraw profits before the next trade;  b) avoid stress from trading ; c) devote more time to studying charts to increase entry and exit precision.
  3. I must document losses even if they hurt.   Just to give you an idea, I cut at 3% to 4% losses. Sometimes , quick selldowns occur , in which case, I just cut quickly to minimize losses.
  4. Manage more, trade less.

My trades, month by month


I got a generous gift on my birthday month.  DAVIN was the cake and the rest were the sweet icing.




I felt so much love from my favorite stocks during this Love Month, but none from  POPI, who scorned at my affection. Many were flings, but my one true love was WEB , and of course every kid loves his MA.



I started getting interested in Ichimoku and PXP was my test case. I passed the midterms , but failed the finals, as I was only able to ride half the journey.  Those side trades more than  made up for that.



ARAn’t you glad you’ve got some very talented trading friends? Some of us nearly wet our pants holding this  at ceiling price until the end of the day, but were rewarded generously the next day. April  did a lot of whipping with a lot of basura stocks flying and falling  here and there. Just don’t be the fool who’s left holding the bag during the month of fools.



May there be better trades next May. Flower month teased traders like  flowers to a bee, but wouldn’t let them take  any honey . When the party had gone to the dogs and you want some happiness before the day ends, even lolo stocks LC and MA,  and ultra trash ALT start to look all sexy.



No trading  the entire month as I was busy being  my mom’s driver. I was also preparing for the Lady Traders’ Confessions charity event by IDEA School. It was all worth it, by the way.


This month’s full moon caused this madness. I mean, look what I traded in July.



WEB caused quite a stir as it bottomed out at 3.  The blow off volume and the extremely detached candlestick on August 9, 2016  was the reason I got into this trade. The minutes chart gave buy signals too. The next day , I sold my shares but ended up buying back at the close.

MRC had shown signs of strength this month as it had finally awakened from its long slumber.



…or is it SeptemBEAR? Basuras stole the show .  Ultra basura, MRC was the flavor of the month after  VITA-mins ran out of energy. TUGS whipsawed traders with its wild swings. MED as usual was a 3 day wonder while FOOD spoiled quickly, causing massive vomiting after one day.  UNI – just move along, there’s nothing to see here.




WEB was the story of the month once again as RVO announced the divestment of his shares to Gregorio Araneta, Inc. It made a short run from 5.90  to 9.72 up to mid October then  consolidated from there.
BLOOM was another favorite but unlike WEB, it showed strength throughout October, as it rose from 4.37 in the beginning of October and peaked at 6.95 on the second week of November.
BMM was just an itch I had to scratch.



There’s a reason why this screenshot of my WEB trade was blurred. It was a low resolution screenshot  taken from a phone, as I was busy scrubbing the floor of my apartment rental. Nothing like a nice reward like this after a day of slavery.
DIZ made a strong run as well, and although I sold early,I was able to add the proceeds to my WEB position, so all’s well that ends well.



Red was the color of December  as the market continued to fall. But Christmas miracles happen here and there, and traders easily spotted the  greens in a sea of red.


I use the same setups over and over to identify which stocks are about to run and which have run out of steam. I share all these in my webinar.  Safe to say, this setup was responsible for my moderate yet consistent gains.

I guess by now you would have noticed which stock was my year-round favorite. I have cleared out my portfolio today , but bought two new small positions to hold only until the last trading day of the year 2016.

After that, I will try to find delicious setups in the yearly charts to plan for 2017.

To my dear readers, thanks for joining me this 2016. Here’s to an amazing 2017 ahead for all of us.

I will hold a webinar on January 7 and 14, 2017. Details here.