ANI is one of my favorite stocks in the Philippine stock market. I have written about this many times in this blog.

From the time I first purchased ANI at 1.90 in 2015 until its peak near 6 pesos in early 2016, and when it dropped back to 3 pesos,  I have been tracking its movements.

I looked into its historical prices and found true beauty in its structure.

Back in 2015, I had no doubt that this will take a lot of time and patience but just like fine wine, it will bear the sweetest rewards to those who wait for it.

Here are some reasons why , with the current price movement, we  may see ANI revisiting its all time high.
The last time I wrote about ANI , I wanted  to emphasize the  current pattern- a clean cup and handle , which I wrote about in this blog:

That 5.97 resistance was already taken and destroyed.

This week, ANI broke above its 21 day exponential moving average on the quarterly chart.

Today, MAy 25, 2017, as I write this blog, it is 5 centavos away from breaking above  its 4 year high. Its  May , 2013 high  is at 6.80. Today’s close : 6.75.

Just take a look at this monthly chart. It was neatly drawn, much like a lady without a hair out of place.


Below was the May 11, 2017 chart, where I found the slow and steady uptrend , and its gentle ups and downs  , that can be likened to small waves of water in a shallow stream.

This is what high quality uptrends are made of.


Unlike other securities, ANI is not as hyped. It has a quiet , stable following of patient and committed individuals/traders/investors who have  seen  the beauty of its chart and the graceful movement of its candlesticks.

We have only just begun. This lady has so much more to offer.  Not only is it determined to break its resistances,  there is also reason to do so.

I made this chart below back in 2015, when I was trying to study ANI’s price potential. Check out those gaps.

It had already covered many of its gaps. The next of these is that March 13-March 14 , 2013 gap from 7.24 to 7.37.
What follows is the January gap at 8.05 to 8.07 , then ultimately, the Feb 4-5 2010 gap from 18.75 to 18.96.

Just like a fine lady, ANI will make things right to those whom it had wronged in the past.

ANI is a rare gem. It takes time , but it is all going to be worth it.

You will know within a year’s time if this is truly just a hype.

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